What is an LLC?

LLC simply stands for limited liability company. This type of legal entity allows small business owners to protect their personal assets and use the business to shield themselves from the company’s potential debts or liabilities. An LLC is a hybrid that blends the benefits of two business structures, partnerships, and sole proprietorships together. As a … Read more


LLC vs DBA: What is the difference between a DBA and an LLC?? Consider two fundamental differences between LLCs and DBAs when determining which business registration would suit your needs: liability protection is provided by LLC licensing while a DBA permits the sole owner/proprietor to operate their business under a fictitious name. Another thing to … Read more

What is a DBA?

What is a DBA? - Woman biting her pencil at her computer in frustration

What is a DBA?  DBA means “doing business as”. It refers to your business’s trade, assumed, or fictitious name.  A DBA is different from your business owner’s personal name or registered business name. It lets your company enter contracts, open bank accounts, write checks, and do business under a name other than that of your … Read more