7 Best LLC Services [Reviewed 2021]


Structure is the backbone of business formation, especially one in its infancy. If structure is the backbone, legal compliance forms the vertebrae. The rest of the business formation comes from limited liability protection, understandable taxation options, business credibility and more. With an LLC as joints that hold the bones together, there’s little that can go … Read more

LegalZoom Review. Is LegalZoom Legit?

What is LegalZoom? The company also offers an opt-in legal guidance service as an add-on to your pricing package. This is useful for those times that you need more personal legal guidance. Experienced attorneys created LegalZoom to provide clients 100% satisfaction. They use plain language to help you understand what’s best for you.  LegalZoom has … Read more


LLC vs DBA: What is the difference between a DBA and an LLC?? Consider two fundamental differences between LLCs and DBAs when determining which business registration would suit your needs: liability protection is provided by LLC licensing while a DBA permits the sole owner/proprietor to operate their business under a fictitious name. Another thing to … Read more

What is a DBA?

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What is a DBA?  DBA means “doing business as”. It refers to your business’s trade, assumed, or fictitious name.  A DBA is different from your business owner’s personal name or registered business name. It lets your company enter contracts, open bank accounts, write checks, and do business under a name other than that of your … Read more

How to Start an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

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A Step-by-Step Guide to LLC Formation How to start an LLC & where to begin? One of the most crucial steps in starting your company is determining the best business structure as an owner. With so many options, each with its advantages and disadvantages, it can be tricky to decide on the best fit. Small … Read more